Support Group

The aim of this program is to decrease the isolation that women feel after experiencing violence and abuse. Support group provides women the opportunity to meet with other women who had similar life trauma to share their experiences in a supportive environment. Support group educates and empowers women irrespective of their struggles, circumstances and complexity of issues presented. We recognize in order to regain control and re-build their lives, women need to address fears, re-learn steps towards healthy living and understand that coping and recovery will not be achieved in isolation. Women feel empowered to hear other women’s stories and to know that they are not alone; and, also cannot be blamed for the violence and abuse they experiencd.  It is an invaluable opportunity to gain a wealth of information, address concerns and build supportive networks.

P.O. Box 66164, 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 6P7. Canada, 1-877-454-4035, 905-427-7849