Parenting Workshop

The Children’s Aid Foundation through the RBC National  Diversity Fund for Children provided a grant to WMRCC of Durham in September 2012. The goal of the grant is to work with newcomer families dealing with the Child Welfare System or are vulnerable and at risk of being involved with the system. WMRCC of Durham works and supports the families through providing information and educational resources to enhance effective parenting skills.  Workshop is provided to mothers on effective parenting and creative discipline every Thursday evening from 4:00p.m. through 5:30p.m. The project also provided grants to enable youth and children participate in activities of their choices including purchasing basic necessities for babies and toddlers.

P.O. Box 66164, 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 6P7. Canada, 1-877-454-4035, 905-427-7849