WMRCC of Durham  offers women in need of emotional and practical support an opportunity to overcome the challenges they are facing by providing them with supportive mentoring.


Personal development and achievement can be reached more effectively when individuals experience a true sense of connectedness, confidence and strength. Emotional and economic stability are also an important part of any personal growth. There are times, however, that we experience life challenges that make this growth seem unachievable. For this reason, WMRCC of Durham is offering women in transition a supportive mentoring program that will assist them in overcoming personal challenges.

How does the program work?

This program is geared towards women who are experiencing life challenges and are looking to establish a support system. Mentors are selected from a list of volunteers that undergo supportive mentorship training. Once a match is determined for a client, the 2 parties sign a mentorship agreement that can last for up to 6 months. The mentor and mentee are expected to meet once a week to work on pre-determined goals. The mentor will provide the mentee with non-judgmental support from a feminist and anti-oppressive framework based on the training. Together, they will build a client-centered relationship aimed at building life-skills, reducing isolation and increasing self-worth.



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